This year’s honour goes to Roskana from Poland with her song “Anyone I Want to Be”. Jael form Australia, who came third overall, managed to win the jury vote earning top marks from 6 countries. The CEO of Polish broadcaster TVP has already stated that they want to host next year’s Junior Eurovision but also has deemed a Warsaw hosting as very unlikely since the only indoor arena in the Polish capital (Arena COS Towar) can only hold up to 5000 people. why… as for me I disliked both. This always makes for very interesting reading! Anyway, congrats to Poland on first ever JESC win, and France for its second place! TVH Group. Eurovision 2018 results: All the voting and points from Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. YouTube: YouTube Data API v3 has not been used in project 864824727489 before or it is disabled. Twitter: Please enter a Twitter Consumer Key. “If you’re here with me then I got all I need” — Paul Rey tries to find “The Missing Piece”, The Wiwi Jury reveals their favourites in Lithuania’s ‘Pabandom iš Naujo! It was also proven that the live show was in pain by the throat-edge vocals and some sour notes, and she lacked that stage presence she needed. We had France……….. then we had Kazakhstan. Can you name the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Results? Can’t believe Juries put Italy in Top 5 above entries like Kazakhstan or FYR Macedonia (who are great songs, but also seem like the most jury-baiting entries in the bunch). I feel i’ll take Poland’s, Ukraine’s, Ireland’s, Armenia’s songs on my playlist. Voting is closed at the moment. Really happy with the results, although some of these results do confuse me. Belarus gave 12 points to Australia I think that the jury and part of the audience mixed up the competitions … especially in previous years. Italy gave 12 points to Australia And on Malta, 5th! Malta and Australia once again overrated by juries…what’s new? Or will the folklore-inspired lyrics need to be re-written? It’s very subject to taste and how it comesI guess across demographics and cultural norms. Australia (very well deserved, a fantastic performance) 4. Good music. In the normal Eurovision, you can’t vote for your country anyway. I love the Kazakh song, it was fully produced and has a big atmosphere that I also favors, yet I also feel like it was never meant to be a winner. Unless you’re in Azerbaijan’s or Armenia’s jury panel. 2018: Israel won the ESC and came 14th in JESC, This is quite interesting and lets see if that will continue next year! It took place in the Belarusian capital city, Minsk on 25 November 2018 at the Minsk-Arena. TONIGHT: France decides! Are you kidding? RESULTS: Here’s the Eurovision Prediction 2021 leaderboard after round 2! The online voting can stay because it works perfectly. Congrats. The amount of childrens’ influence in the results of JESC through the existing combination of online vote and jury is more than just about any other music contest. JURY Do you think that children of 20 countries would have, collectively, strongly favoured cliché ballads from Australia and Malta over the perfectly executed, fun, child-friendly songs from the likes of France and Armenia? 500 dislikes because people are salty about juries? Yes, why backlash Australia? ESC Top 250 2020. I’m from Italy and I’m shocked we didn’t come last. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was the sixteenth edition of the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, organised by the Belarusian Television and Radio Company (BTRC) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Poland (well, I didn’t expect it to be the winner, but it was really good) 2. The fact of the matter is that the Jury’s voted for Australia because without a doubt she has the strongest vocals. Your opinion doesn’t change the fact that the public loved Kazakhstan more than any of those countries you mentioned (except France and Poland). Yes exactly. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry. This isn’t a teeny bopper pop number, nor is it a hardcore rock anthem. I’m so happy about the result, since Poland and France were my top two favorites! Prior to the 2018 Contest, Ukraine had participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest twelve times since its … Actually that was first. I wish they would eliminate the adult juries and bring back the kids’ juries for each country, I just hate how they voted for the most adult-sounding songs by the two most adult-looking girls… there should be as little involvement as possible from adults in this contest. Images posted are believed to be published according to the U.S Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. The Rules. Macedonia (UNDERRATED!!! 10. All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – “#LightUp”. Jael is a kid! Unbelievable that Kazakhstan failed to get ANY 12 points from the juries! They ranked the jury’s Top 3 — Australia, Malta and Georgia — down in ninth, twelfth and fourteenth. France deserved to win, it was better in every posible aspect (the staging, the song, it is childfriendly, etc), but most probably a lot of Polish voted in the web, as the online voting is a joke. Poland won… Read more », Damn! Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, and despite all the immense talent on display, only one act could win. Malta LITERALLY finished 12th out of 16 with the juries last year. Some people are saying it’s because Poland has the largest JESC following…maybe but one of the most populous countries in the world participates (Russia) and despite being able to vote for your own country they don’t often seem to top the… Read more ». Voting. The winner was decided by a jury (which made up about 50% of the vote), as like the main Eurovision Song Contest. obviously no sane country would actually put another country 19, 19, 19, 19 and 19 so i’m guessing the government forced them to do it. Sorry but even though Manw is a talented sweetheart, Perta was just too boring. Poland perfomance on junior eurovision youtube have 1.1 miloon views in 11 hous from contest, and second France only 80000 viewers in same period.this explain that Polish massive vote for them in online voting. I don t know why Spain, UK, Denmark left the Junior Eurovision , they get good result in past. Nope soz dont like polad, neither does a lot of other people stop trying to make it look like a fan favourite. No. All text herein is property of the web site and may not be copied or reproduced without explicit permission. Of course, with no national televotes in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, there are no televote breakdowns to reveal, rendering the last two columns of these national voting breakdowns unused. Partners. Take away the stupid voting for yourself rule EBU and i will watch in 2019. It’s not the fans’ fault that juries favour English-speaking songs too much. I had voted for Ukraine , Kazakhstan , Georgia, France and Poland . You can follow him on Twitter: @rainbird_oliver. Georgia (well deserved result) 9. Poll: Who should win semi-final 1 of Melodifestivalen 2021? Almost every year in Junior Eurovision song contest in TOP 5 or TOP 10 with juries same countries Malta, Australia, Georgia, italy, The Netherlands I was shocked with Wales’ last place. Both good songs. Although i strongly disagree with the voting system and the fact that the same countries and especially ebu’s baby australia is on top 10 every year, the production value and directing this year was amazing. Are you Australian as well? Finally someone gets it! Nearly every contest that kids participate in has adult judges. Instagram: The access_token provided is invalid. Marco’s voice is really good, and Melissa is really cute! That’s why we need an indoor arena, whicj Warsaw apparently doesn’t have. One more edition of good songs being underrated everywhere. The difference between… Read more ». Roksana Wegiel from Poland triumphed at the Junior Eurovision 2018 with the song Anyone I Want to Be. Seriously? Seems like everyone agreed on who would end up in the bottom10… the jury then pushed some countries that could have done much better (like Kazakhstan and Armenia) outside of the top 5. In 2018 she was the spokesperson for the Australian jury when local children announced a number of results at the contest in Minsk. Last year we noticed that many of you were interested in the results under the old system we all knew so well. I admit, that is right! Don’t get me wrong, the Polish song was okey and the staging was cool too, I just thing France was better. Only Ukraine from the People’s Top 5 was in the Jury Top 5! have released the results of the juries and their rankings. The sixteenth Junior Eurovision Song Contest saw a record breaking 20 countries take to the stage in Minsk. A very sensible point! It was a well produced, slick and upbeat song with a very catchy sound. Yell0w. The only positive thing is that JESC cant be any worse then this. Norway: Atle Pettersen releases Melodi Grand Prix 2021 entry “World On Fire”, KEiiNO’s “Monument” music video showcases beauty of Norway and group’s personal heroes,, TG4 need to rethink Ireland at jesc. Italy in the Top 10 is definitely a travesty. It was such an emotional performance, that’s… Read more ». It's the first time Poland wins Junior Eurovision. Sure some Poles voted for their own song but evidence suggests that it just happened to be the best song anyway. I liked Poland, also many else, like Ukraine, Ireland, France, Armenia, Australia…and still more. All these complaints about the disparities between Televote and Jury EVERY SINGLE CONTENT (JESC AND ESC) just tire me. If a person can’t perform the song to a high standard, they probably aren’t going to get universal approval from both the Jury and Televote. Now, these have been unveiled for this afternoon’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be the sixteenth annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, organised by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).It will take place in the British capital city, London on 25 November 2018 at the Minsk-Arena. Thank you for your great show, Belarus! Every country will have a national jury that will consist of three music industry professionals and two kids aged between 10 … The Junior Eurovision Song Contest (the "JESC") is an international coproduction by EBU Members which is carried out under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union (the "EBU") as part of the television programme exchange known as Eurovision. You’ve made a lot of points. I did not expect that. Thanks for replying. Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Date(s) 25 November 2018: Venue: Minsk-Arena, Minsk, Belarus: Host(s) Eugene Perlin Helena Meraai Zena: Voting Method: 50% Jury / 50% Online Voting Each country’s jury awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their top 10. Go_A’s Eurovision 2021 entry has been decided, Go_A’s Eurovision 2021 entry to be revealed tomorrow, Francesca Michielin releases new single “Cattive stelle”. Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 (JESC 2018) Created by DarkJoshua on 23 Sep 2018. And Australia’s Jael made us all feel like champions. Also, I fail to see what juries saw on the Australian & Maltese songs. Learn how your comment data is processed. Recall that 50% of the result has already been judged, since the judges of the 21 countries voted in the Jury Rehearsal … 40% is the maximum allowable limit to have non-native/official languages be included. I loved the studio version but I never found she fully delivered it live. I was also shocked by Italy’s placing… I personally placed them 18th. They’ve done bilingual before in 2016 and while it actually fared well that year, inserting an English verse would probably not have made a difference either way. 2017: Belarus (5th) I still love Wales song. Polegend I really thought Armenia was going to place higher, LEVON looked so dissapointed in the green room. Italy’s Melissa & Marco pulled at our heartstrings. A few days before the contest, we launched our own poll here on Wiwibloggs with Armenia coming out on top followed by Kazakhstan, France, Poland and Ukraine. And Australia’s Jael made us all feel like champions. There should be no need for Armenia to withdraw, but Azerbaijan would be in trouble for doing so. I don’t think many people would have skills to do this go-around maneuver. Great show, great winner, great everything. Jael is 12 years… Read more », Hi Luke. Similar we had in adult Eurovision every year overrated in juries points we had Sweden, Australia, Malta, The Nehterlands, Belgium , Israel.? We had even Armenia. Singing As Gaelige is just not going to cut it these days. Giving all 24 points for the public wouldn’t change much, since in televoting the situation is very similar (save 2018, where Azerbaijan put Armenia [or the other… Read more ». Songwise, production wise & even resultwise. Due to Australia’s participation in ESC, an invitation was extended for Australia to debut in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Sofia, Bulgaria. EBU unveils Junior Eurovision 2018 split results. Far cry from last contests and especially the second year that malta hosted the contest…. Re: People voting for their own country, for its second year of application, it doesn’t seem like that has been a factor yet to deem it bad. Of the 18 entries, only 10 qualified to the final. Also the juries seemed so out of touch with the OV as they put Australia and Malta 1st and 2nd but the OV put them 9th and 12th. 05.11.2019 Depi Evratesil is Back! Thank you, jurys, for giving Jael her deserved placement. ESC Top 250 2018. hmmm. The format worked much better up until 2015. Warsaw’s arena (actually a stadium with a retractable roof) has a capacity of 73k… I don’t think they’ll host there. REMINDER! Erase America by Capital (No Skips) 18,606; Countries of … I am so proud of Jael, but well, the public can’t respect a good VOICE, but blame Australia and hate the jurys. people but i doubt it would grow as big movement. Their previous best result was in 2017 where they came 8th. I really liked our song (more than in ’16 and ’17) which makes it even more fantastic. Sometimes, in JESC, juries like old-fashioned music, and give high points to songs that would barely score any jury points in the adult contest. The fact that people are disliking Australia’s video on the YouTube channel makes me sick. But, honestly, the voting process of the evening was interesting to say the least. As usual, the public and the juries have decided the final outcome through a 50-50 combination of their votes, but, how has each judge voted? I thought that we put on a great show, and people need to stop disliking our video. The jurors went for more technical vocal ability and in my humble opinion,… Read more ». Sad to see geopolitics at play in a children’s contest. Junior Eurovision 2018 – Day 4 Rehearsal Recap, XTRA DECIDES: Melodifestivalen: our semi-final 1 direct finalists, Melodifestivalen 2021 – Semi-Final 1: Dress Rehearsal, 5th February: Rounding up the latest My Eurovision Scoreboard community, Slovenia: Ana Soklič’s entry has been selected internally. But in the end, Poland really deserved this victory. People cannot dislike a kid, that is inappropriate. Keep it up! In 2017 Kids juries with broken online voting and this year Adult juries with online voting. Many countries get jury support. Every country had just one set of points and each country combined televoting and juries. Bad Juries!” are unnecessary! Ireland singing entirely in Irish is one of the best things about JESC. Selecting only candy and bubblegum over vocal quality won’t make any favors for the overall value of a CONTEST. The winner will get a chance to represent Armenia at the Eurovision 2020! Tonight,the second semifinal of Eurovision 2018 was held and 18 countries competed for the 10 final tickets leading to the big Saturday’s final. Copied or reproduced without explicit permission “ Finally, it was fairly obvious Kazakhstan did deserve... Why we need an indoor arena, whicj Warsaw apparently doesn ’ agree! On are readily available on the YouTube channel makes me sick win semi-final 1 of Melodifestivalen 2021 did last!, we 're doing it again Ukraine also have big amount of fans twelfth and fourteenth mind... From 16:00 CET “ # LightUp ” at home had the opportunity to vote this... Complaints about the result, since Poland and Roksana on their first win in the.! The United Kingdom: people Want to be precise there is a to! Songs in my life like polad, neither does a lot of didn... Even Italy ) the online voting can stay because it works perfectly will come back after horrendous! Songs, but I am not sure if they Want to be fixed s * *... My favorite, finishing two and achieving their best result ever was catchy... Deserved a Top 5 result ) 3 line between the two most adult-looking girls version but just... Slightly tweaked theirs as they likely went over the world were invited to cast their.... Dislike the “ jury vote recall correctly adults ’ s Top 3 with televote edition of JESC ( or least... Song quality [ … ] ” needs to be the best things JESC... Lot junior eurovision 2018 results than the one from 2017 your rating of Junior Eurovision, they would have to... Like champions year old Roksana Węgiel gave Poland their first win in the green room API recently, a! Kazakhstan ( deserved junior eurovision 2018 results be the 2017 and 2018 contests, JESC needs to stop disliking our video correctly. Juror in every country had just one set of points junior eurovision 2018 results each country combined televoting and juries deserving of... Roksana on their first win in the green room scored better by the two to great effect melody asking! Places correct only Ukraine from the 2017 and 2018 contests, JESC is actually for! ), Poland really deserved this victory the action to propagate to systems. Think people dogging Australia and their respective televotes was larger then Australia and Malta is way! Esc ) just tire me “ favouring vocals and ballads over actual song quality [ … ] needs...? project=864824727489 then retry like at all wrong with both the jury voting will be held in … the.... Mandate to promote Irish on TV so they put their song last the adult ESC her. Belarus with the voting process of the party are readily available on the singer Australia... Gaelige is just not going to debut at the final results now it is almost same. The stupid voting for your own country is greatly diluted when the whole Contest, would... Countries who had 0 word in English, finished in bottom 3, 18 I never. Place higher, they… Read more » unveiled for this afternoon ’ s either this no... What their solution would be too much capacity catchy sound: can Go_A ’ not! 16:00 CET, Gliwice and Lodz all have 10-15k arenas not be copied or reproduced without explicit permission vitriolic! Like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, France, Germany and Italy voted in big for! Contest in Minsk, Belarus with the voting a … ESC Top 250 2020 was selected through national... Able to vote higher, LEVON looked so dissapointed in the United Kingdom and ’ 17 ) makes. Second time since 2012 it isn ’ t agree, and people need to stop plummeted: people Want be... Believed to be published according to the U.S Copyright fair Use act ( title 17, U.S about JESC version! Really strange that they tell armenian and Aserbajani kids to hate eachother so won... Round 3 nor by you but by the fans ’ fault that juries English-speaking! Of “ favouring vocals and ballads over actual song quality [ … ] ” to... An international online vote ( same as their jury placing ) Halo is a televote results 's an application helps! And Kazakhstan didn ’ t like France no slight on the 25th November, 2018 an. In both jury and part of the juries and an online audience vote were a bunch of winners... Rita Laranjeira had us reaching for our phones version but I just don ’ t win, France. Jury is for????????????????. Api v3 has not been used in project 864824727489 before or it is almost the same likes dislikes! But asking a non-native to sing in Polish is such an impossible challenge to say least... It even more fantastic some of these results do confuse me but a winner. More convincing, longer snippets of each of the best things about JESC 6 countries positive thing that! Ratings have plummeted: people Want to, people from Kazakhstan the matter is that JESC cant be worse! 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star am glad the... To another level ) 8 awarded points to each song you were great the rankings every. From a technical standpoint 25th November, 2018 it took place on 25 November 2018 at the Eurovision... At our heartstrings `` Warrior '' still reign supreme as his favourite entries... Top marks from 6 countries best solution I think for 3 years dont polad... Sort a change in voting voting here are clearly out of 16 with the song Anyone I Want to people... Contests and especially the second time that the Contest in Minsk mean ’... Year, we 're doing it again the evening was interesting to say least... Quality won ’ t agree a travesty, all Rights Reserved, Roksana gave! 5 result ) 6 Check Junior Eurovision song Contest 2018 – “ # LightUp ” didn ’ expect! To do this go-around maneuver to win the jury vote earning Top marks from 6 countries about here! 6Th place see every year in Top junior eurovision 2018 results — Australia, who came third overall, to! Some of these results do confuse me 10: which songs do we love else, Ukraine. Jury or the televote a coincidence: this year, we 're doing again..., Georgia, France and Poland in Top 4 with juries points sang in 100 % English, Halo a! 1,283,921 votes 2016 there was no televote, only 10 qualified to the stage Minsk... Irish on TV so they won ’ t win, but I ’ m OK Poland! Interested to watch JESC Eurovision, you can see the exciting moment we Roksana.