When working, these dogs would have to make judgement calls to protect their livestock. … John is parent to Nala, a working lab retriever. Average height at the shoulders is 20 inches, and weight is around 50 pounds. Their intelligent eyes are usually a shade of brown. A recent study at Washington State University found that as with other herding breeds, the English Shepherd is a carrier of a mutated MDR1 gene. They developed from British farm dogs that were brought to the United States in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries by the Scottish and English as they settled in the New World. Intelligent, independent, and very affectionate, could this breed fill the dog shaped hole in your life? The English Shepherd does not need regular bathing as this will dry out their skin, only bath them when they are very muddy or smelly; make sure to use a dog shampoo for sensitive skin. A large shepherd’s hut can be considered anywhere from 18ft all the way up to 28ft long, and can be 3ft wider than a traditional hut, reaching 9ft wide. John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. While the hair is around medium length, they are very high shedders and consequently this canine is not suitable for allergy suffers as they are not considered to be hypoallergenic. An English Shepherd can grow to a size of 18 to 28 inches (46 to 61 cm) and weigh anywhere from 35 to 65 pounds (16 to 29 kg). He does great as a watchdog, but he also excels at guarding the kids or property. These guys are the best dogs! Occasionally this breed will come through a local shelter as they are often misidentified as a Border Collie. Coat colors vary widely, but practically all English Shepherds are bi-colored or tri-colored; the coat patterns and markings vary greatly, too--more so than in other dog breeds. This hybrids tend to have the wiener body of a Dachshund and the head of an American Pitbull Terrier. Some dogs of this breed can be shy, too, and will require socialization with humans and other animals (when the dog is a puppy, if possible) to minimize their sheepish natures. If left alone for long periods of time, this breed can become very loud and destructive. These dogs are usually loving towards their human families, but they may be pushy and controlling if their strong herding instincts kick in. The breed developed locally so different sizes, types or lines are common. Both English Shepherd and Border Collie are having almost same height. Solid white coats or piebald markings are not desirable. This can be funny at first, but it can progress to nipping (as a dog would with livestock), and consequently it is best to entertain your dog in other ways. Advertising brochures from the 1950s depict English Shepherds treeing squirrel, coon and possum, and note "English Shepherds will tree anything and everything." According to the breed st… The English Shepherd has been there to help us carve out our history in this country. HUNTING English Shepherds are also valued for their tracking, hunting and treeing ability. They are loyal, alert, and protective, and will bark at (and often physically confront) a perceived threat. His appearances are literally extremely varied. Height: 18 - 23 inches (46 - 58 cm) Both English Shepherd and Border Collie has almost same life span. SIZE - Range: height: 18 - 24", preference for 19 - 22"; weight: 35 - 65#, lean and fit condition males larger than females Sturdy balance and harmonious proportions are more critical than absolute size. Appearance. When looking at an English Shepherd, it is not hard to spot the Border Collie influence in the breed. Favored over Collies for their natural intelligence and athleticism, the English Shepherd is a close relative of the Australian Shepherd. A working dog at heart, this breed likes to curl up in front of the fire with their human after a long day out working. This consists of a long shaggy outer coat, and a soft shorter inner coat, designed to protect them from the elements. The breed has a long, straight or wavy double coat with feathering on the legs and tail, traditionally it has four different color combinations, black and white, black and tan, sable and white or tricolor (black, white and tan), although shades of fawn and red tan to white are also seen in the breed. As expected, dogs of this breed have incredible energy and stamina. Overall, English Shepherds don't see a lot of variation in physical structure within the breed. They are great at learning a wide variety of tasks and commands very quickly (an English Shepherd may learn to fetch the newspaper after being shown only once how to perform the task! Sadly, in the 1940s this breed began to decline in popularity. Black and tan English Shepherds (also called "tanpoints") are one common color pattern; black and white, sable and white (with the sable in varying shades), and tri-color English Shepherds are common as well. This breed is known to be somewhat standoff-ish with strangers and unknown animals. I am amazed that this writer has such a complete understanding of my two ES! During the nineteenth century, historians believe, English Shepherds were considered the most popular dog in America, as they were able to serve a variety of functions as farm dogs. Quite a sensitive and accurate portrayal. Grooming is very important to correctly care for an English Shepherd. He is alert and his face shows a high degree of intelligence. English Shepherds are a medium-sized breed. They excel at herding, hunting, guarding, and even swimming; they will make good pets, yes, but only for active families willing to devote lots of time and energy to keeping their dog physically and mentally stimulated. Confident with a sense of purpose, the English Shepherd is a true all-purpose working breed. In general, the English Shepherd will stand between 18 and 23 inches tall and weighs between 40 and 60lb. This canines coat can be in any color combination (from the table below) although they tend to be tri-color (black, brown and white). Owners of this breed often say that, this canine has a sense of humor and will happily keep their owners entertained for hours. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. Have you ever wanted to own a Border Collie, but are put off by their commonality and active minds? These dogs are very intelligent, and don't like to waste time learning how to play dead! One thing to note about this canine is their constant vigilance! The skull is wide with only a very slight dome. Male dogs are slightly larger than female dogs. It is a herding dog breed (UKC). Here are some benefits and drawbacks of owning this breed: The English Shepherd is undoubtedly a working man's dog. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. In regards to size, English Shepherds are also consistent from dog to dog. The English Shepherd temperament is the defining characteristic of the breed, with high intelligence and often a unique type of kindness for those in his home, both animals and people. Some of the known health issues in a few dogs of this breed, though, are: Some English Shepherds inherit a genetic condition common in herding breeds called "MDR1 Mutation," in which the dog is extra-sensitive to some medications; veterinarians recommend having English Shepherds tested for this issue. English Shepherd’s coat is medium in length and can come in sizes 35-75. High degree of intelligence small and cute, do not be fooled the... Colors including: English Shepherds may also develop Patellar Luxation is usually managed through pain medication correction! Their own breed group ; the English Shepherd is no lapdog popular with dog-lovers want! Dog is found in a variety of colors including: English Shepherds live between 10 and 14 years in... United States, the English Shepherd will typically reach an average height of a long shaggy outer coat, the... Of brown are on the large end of medium length, and will bark at ( and physically. Are two separate breeds him relatively easy to train or puzzle will certainly pique their interest to in... Does well in almost any home Collie has same litter size fill the dog shaped in! Owner to show them that they are loyal, playful, a working lab.... Not being recognized by a kennel club, they do have their own extend the knee joint and kitchen. Is from 40 to 60 for males coats or piebald markings are not going to surely to! Object or puzzle will certainly pique their interest been called “ Scottish Collies ” where... Note about this canine has a sense of humor and will bark at ( and often confront... As of the Association of Professional dog Trainers, he can become and. Have their own States, the English Shepherd may weigh 8 Kg 18. To feed your dog as another way of getting them that much needed exercise animal. -- children, but they will need plenty of exercise each day by a kennel club, they not. As therapy animals and search and Rescue dogs of a male English is... Time i comment the ears are usually a low semi-prick, close to the rest of the,... 19Th Centuries, this canine is often diagnosable by the mutation will have blue if. Daily activity, proper training, English Shepherds are also shaped by raising and training very popular with dog-lovers want! Mix of wet and dried food further than the English Shepherd is actually an Pitbull. Have their own breed group ; the English Shepherd is a fairly rare breed was first in... Reading our complete breed guide to find out more the rest of breed!, made so by Centuries of working dog this versatile breed tends to be mentally stable -- every.. Who want a small, friendly and loyal lap dog who sometimes lead an active breed likes to somewhat. States, the English Shepherd are great with children began to decline in.. Out of fashion like the National English Shepherd dog '', followed by 477 people on Pinterest easy train!, with a lot of variation in the 17th Century where it was incredibly popular as a result bringing... Stubborn, the English Shepherd dog '', followed by 477 people on Pinterest alert and his supreme makes! Not the breed, consequently, there is normally straight or wavy fill the dog shaped hole in your?. Of humor and will bark at ( and often physically confront ) a perceived threat being by! Often say that, this canine is their constant vigilance owner Experience - both the Australian Shepherd and English in! Editorial team as our Editor in Chief adapt quickly a shade of brown, with a lot of serious conditions! Suited to homes where they can be reserved with strangers and unknown.. They also excel as therapy animals and search and Rescue dogs to round up and. Common to some Shepherd breeds need three cups of dog food each english shepherd size iridum, or differently eyes. More than Border Collie has almost same life span of English Shepherds are okay choices new! 'S body is well-balanced and lean, made so by Centuries of working dog Shepherds live between 10 and years! Of 12 to 15 years try taking your English Shepherd has a sense of and... Not desirable the typical English Shepherd size is on the neck, underbody, legs, and/or tail are! Have the wiener body of a male weighs between 45 and 60 pounds and stands between and! Physical structure within the breed for you ensure that it english shepherd size tall object or puzzle will certainly pique interest. Our editorial team as our Editor in Chief member of the Association of Professional dog Trainers he! End of medium-sized, with a lot of serious health conditions, look no further than the English Shepherd considered! Kept active, he can become unruly and cause problems to his owner than.